Let’s expose Universal Credit together.

Hi. Gary here.

If you’re a UniversalCredit claimant or if you receive one of the welfare payments not yet within the UC family such as PIP, ESA or DLA, I know how you feel. It’s hard to speak out when society is so quick to judge. But don’t worry. I am standing up and putting my face and my name in the ring for all of us. So you can remain anonymous if you want to. 

I’d love you to reach out and maybe tell me how UniversalCredit and the welfare state is affecting you and your family. I’ll never use the information you give me without your prior permission. Just think how this story becomes so much more powerful when it is echoed and seconded by numerous unconnected British citizens. Then it’s not just a personal viewpoint. Then, it’s a real life trending issue that demands attention.

Television and other mainstream media are ignoring us on purpose. Happily, we don’t need them any more. 

We don’t have to change the world. If we just shine a little light on things, those changes come about anyway. Fires have their own momentum and their own energy. We just have to rub a few sticks together.

Leave a note below and let’s reclaim our community. Our common unity. 

You’ll feel awesome in letting off a little steam, I assure you. 

Thanks and have a terrific day.